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Weapons and ammunition identification


9–10 February 2017
Nairobi, Kenya

The proliferation and use of small arms and light weapons play an important role in numerous issues of global concern, such as armed conflict, crime, governance, and development. Knowledge of these weapons is key to understanding and reporting on these and other critical issues.

The Small Arms Survey will conduct a workshop for journalists aimed at expanding and improving reporting on weapons and ammunition. The workshop, which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, will provide an overview of the contemporary landscape of weapons proliferation and control, including how weapons make their way from legitimate users to non-state armed groups and criminal organizations. 
Participants will also be taught how to identify and record weapons and ammunition encountered in the field with a particular focus on tracking the sources of weapons and understanding the strategic and diplomatic implications of their proliferation. 

By encouraging closer collaboration between journalists, researchers, and other specialists, the Survey aims to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of weapons and conflict.

The workshop will include case studies and opportunities for participants to present and discuss their own experiences, including weapons that they have encountered in the field. Presenters will include experienced researchers and journalists.

The Small Arms Survey has developed several tools and publications to assist with weapons identification.

  • Ammunition Tracing Kit: designed to enable rapid, reliable, and responsible reporting of small-calibre ammunition in a variety of circumstances.


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