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Small Arms Survey events at Geneva Peace Week



Geneva Peace Week is a collective action initiative facilitated by the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation. By synchronizing meetings and events on different topics related to the promotion of peace during one week, Geneva Peace Week maximizes synergies between organizations in Geneva, focused on the cross-cutting nature of peace.

For the 2018 edition, Geneva Peace Week emphasizes the urgency of finding peaceful solutions for the growing risks of violent conflict, building on the lessons from history and the needs for future peacebuilding practice.

The Small Arms Survey is holding two events at Geneva Peace Week (scroll down for more information):

In collaboration with the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub, the Small Arms Survey is also co-organizing a workshop:

Tuesday 6 November: Building Urban Peace

1300-1415, Auditorium A1A, Maison de la Paix


  • Centre on Conflict, Development And Peacebuilding (CCDP)
  • Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)
  • Small Arms Survey

Cities can be centres of destabilization and fragility, or they can provide a bulwark of stability and peace in a turbulent world. This panel explores how local actors are building urban peace and seeks to understand the nature of the public, private, formal and informal partnerships at the heart of these strategies. Putting regional experiences into global perspective, this event offers an overview of data tracking violence in cities; an analysis of how security sectors can better prevent and respond to these threats; and proposals for how diplomacy between cities can support local urban peace.


  • Anna Alvazzi del Frate, Director of Programmes, Small Arms Survey
  • Fairlie Chappuis, Programme Manager, Policy and Research Division, DCAF
  • Renata Dwan, Director, UNIDIR
  • Discussant: Dennis Rodgers, Professor, CCDP

To register, see the event page

Tuesday 6 November: Peace Operations from the Ground Up

1615-1730, GCSP, Maison de la Paix


  • Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)
  • Small Arms Survey

Peace operations function in highly sensitive and increasingly risky environments, plagued by shaky political settlements and endemic lack of social trust. They must balance the short term need for operational effectiveness with long term requirement of institution-building. How can this be achieved, and sustained? This event focuses on the key role of learning and knowledge sharing. The panel discussion will take stock of the ongoing debate on UN peacekeeping reform processes, highlight challenges as well as successes, and identify innovations, from the areas of rule of law, security sector reform, as well as arms control/management in peace operations.


  • Anicia Lala - International Security Sector Advisory Team
  • Mihaela Racovita - Small Arms Survey
  • Cedric de Coning, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

To register, see the event page

Tuesday 6 November: Integrating Gender Equality in Peacebuilding

1430-1600, Conference Room 6A, GICHD, Maison de la Paix

The Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub invites you to participate in a workshop which will explore the role of gender in peacebuilding, provide concrete entry points and a selection of practical examples of approaches on how to integrate gender equality in peacebuilding activities.

Participants will be presented with real-world case scenarios and will be asked to apply different tools and strategies to find solutions to the posed challenges. The workshop will focus on the cross-cutting nature of gender and peace, exploring synergies between different areas of expertise of several organisations working in the human security
sector in Geneva.

Attendance for this workshop will be limited to 30 persons. Individuals with experience and/or interest in peacebuilding are encouraged to register. To do so, see the event page

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