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Small Arms Survey side events at the Third Review Conference of the UN Small Arms Programme of Action (RevCon3)



18–22 June 2018
UN Headquarters, New York

The Small Arms Survey is organizing the following side events at RevCon3:

Monday 18 June: How many firearms are there in the world? Global numbers on arms holdings: Small Arms Survey update

1315-1430 / Conference Room C

Host: The Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations

In 2007, as the first and only organization to ever do so, the Small Arms Survey estimated the number of firearms in circulation in the world at 875 million. For the first time in over ten years, these numbers have been updated—covering civilian, law enforcement, and military holdings. This side event will feature a presentation and discussion on the updated figures.

Tuesday 19 June: Paving the way to RevCon3 and beyond

1315-1445 / Conference Room 7

Host: European Union

At this side event, the Small Arms Survey will present the results of the EU-funded project carried out to support preparations for the Third Review Conference. The Survey will brief on a series of recommendations gathered in four expert symposia organized in 2017 on: tracing and stockpile management in (post-)conflict situations; the nexus between small arms and light weapons and the Sustainable Development Goals; developments in manufacturing, technology and design; and synergies between the PoA, the ATT, and other instruments. The findings from a newly published assessment of national PoA/ITI reports from 2012 to 2017 will also be presented.

Thursday 21 June: Monitoring SDG 16: Arms flows and violent deaths in North Africa and the Sahel

1315-1430 / 18th floor, Permanent Mission of the Netherlands to the United Nations

Host: The Permanent Mission of the Netherlands to the United Nations

At this event, experts will examine challenges and opportunities for monitoring progress towards SDG Targets 16.1 (reduction in all forms of violence and related death rates) and 16.4 (reduction in arms flows) in North Africa and the Sahel. Their work highlights the need for a multiple-source and multiple-actor approach, spelling out roles for a broad range of stakeholders, including national institutions, peacekeeping missions, civil society, and academia. The panel will further reflect on the feasibility and utility of specific regional- and national-level indicators for measuring progress towards a significant reduction of illicit arms flows.

Friday 22 June: Legal loopholes and terrorism: Converted firearms in Europe and beyond

0830-1000 / Room C

Host: The Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations

Co-organized with the Flemish Peace Institute

This panel will examine the scale and mechanics of the firearms conversion challenge in Europe and beyond, and how terrorist actors have exploited these loopholes. The European experience in dealing with this issue is relevant beyond the continent, as it is clear that the proliferation of these firearms takes place in other global sub-regions and especially in Africa.

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