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20.4.2021 : 8:16 : +0200

Launch of ‘The Arms Trade Treaty: A Practical Guide to Implementation’


To coincide with the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), being held this week in Geneva, the ATT Network (CCDP, GCSP, the Small Arms Survey, and UNIDIR) has launched a new publication: The Arms Trade Treaty: A Practical Guide to National Implementation.

The Guide, which forms part of the Small Arms Survey Handbook series, is designed to assist and inform those responsible for implementing the ATT at the national level. It provides practical guidance on the following thematic areas: national control systems; national control lists; export controls; import controls; transit and trans-shipment controls; controlling brokers and brokering; diversion; record-keeping; and reporting. The manual includes definitions and terminology, a brief history of the ATT negotiations, options for regulating transfers, and information on the roles of various ministries and agencies.
The publication aims to help states understand how the provisions of the ATT are to be interpreted and applied in practice. It will also serve as a key resource for practitioners, diplomats, policy-makers, and members of civil society seeking to promote compliance with and implementation of the ATT.

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