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18.9.2021 : 10:10 : +0200

Launch of 'Gender-Based Violence Interventions: Opportunities for Innovation'


Gender-based violence (GBV) in humanitarian settings undermines dignity and is a life-threatening issue. There is a growing recognition that affected populations can experience various forms of GBV during conflict and natural disasters, during displacement, and during and following return. Despite initiatives over the past ten years to implement GBV programmes in emergencies, the practical difficulties remain complex and context specific.

In 2015 the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) commissioned the Small Arms Survey to carry out the first ever ‘gap analysis’ of specific challenges in GBV programming, through the lens of humanitarian innovation. This in-depth research resulted in a series of clearly defined and accessible ‘innovation challenges’ through which to address gaps in GBV programming.
Launched today at the Maison de la Paix, Geneva, ‘Gender-based Violence Interventions: Opportunities for Innovation’ offers fresh guidance on tangible innovation areas for those working to tackle GBV globally. The report aims to engage new actors and new partners from different areas to enhance the effectiveness and impact of GBV programming, and overcome enduring challenges.

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