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14.4.2021 : 7:27 : +0200


Introducing the Small Arms Survey PSSM Priorities Matrix


Effective physical security and stockpile management (PSSM) is critical for minimizing the risks associated with weapon and ammunition stockpiles. However, both donors and recipient states continue to identify challenges. To shed light on these challenges as well as to help states address them, the Small Arms Survey presents a new study—introducing its PSSM Priorities Matrix and a case study on PSSM challenges in the Sahel.

The PSSM Priorities Matrix is a tool designed to help states identify their PSSM problems and potential solutions, categorize and rank their relevant assistance activities, provide an indication of what has already been done, how those needs fit into their national action plans or could help them develop one, and what contributions they can make to supplement any assistance as to maximize the effectiveness of the intervention.

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