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7.3.2021 : 21:35 : +0100

Navigating the UN Small Arms Process: Updated Handbooks Released at BMS6

To coincide with the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS6) on the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA), being held this week at UN Headquarters in New York, the Small Arms Survey has released new editions of two of its Handbook series. Both publications are intended to serve as useful resources to diplomats, policy makers, and others involved in the UN small arms process.

A Guide to the UN Small Arms Process: 2016 Update is designed to assist and inform policy-makers who are new to the small arms disarmament agenda. This concise manual includes definitions and terminology; a brief history of the UN small arms process to date; summaries of key issues, instruments, and measures; and information on the roles of various institutions.
The latest edition provides an overview of the international instruments that establish the framework for small arms control at the international level, and includes updated sections on the Arms Trade Treaty and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The second edition of the Regional Organizations and the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA) Handbook offers profiles of 52 regional organizations and explains their roles in implementing the PoA. It provides a wealth of information on regional activities, and draws some useful connections among the anti-narcotic, anti-terrorism, and anti-transnational-crime organizations.
Illicit small arms are often related to regional conflicts and smuggled regionally, giving regional organizations an important function in their control. Transborder cooperation, information sharing, and regionally harmonized marking and tracing are essential elements of an effective small arms control mechanism. The Handbook’s second edition updates the activities of the regional organizations on those and other projects related to the UN PoA. It also includes profiles of seven regional organizations not listed in the previous edition.

BMS6 side event on 'Trade, Transparency, and Illicit Trafficking'

Side event on 'Trade, Transparency, and Illicit Trafficking', held during BMS6 on 6 June 2016 at the UN HQ in New York. The event featured the launch of the 'Trade Update 2016: Transfers and Transparency' report, and updated editions of two of the Survey's Handbook series.

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