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Violence Against Women and Girls: Beyond the Numbers

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, and on the same day as the 47th Session of the UN Statistical Commission begins in New York with the motto 'Better Data, Better Lives', the Small Arms Survey highlights the need for improved data on gender-based violence and femicide.

While some countries have made progress in data collection methods and increased the availability of sex-disaggregated information on homicides, others—particularly in Asia and Africa—are still under-researched. Limited availability and accessibility of sex-disaggregated data stems largely from poor reporting practices, an absence of standardised definitions and coding, underreporting, and insufficient resources for training and data collection in relevant state and non-state agencies. Without improved data, the global picture of lethal violence against women remains incomplete, complicating the design of effective programming to reduce gender-based violence.

The infographic below highlights some findings on gender-based violence from the 2015 ‘Global Burden of Armed Violence’ report,
based on data for the period 2007-2012.



[Click to see interactive version]


See also:

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