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14.4.2021 : 6:40 : +0200

First Publication in New Briefing Paper Series: Measuring Illicit Arms Flows in Niger


Measuring Illicit Arms Flows: Niger—the first in a new series of Briefing Papers launched today by the Small Arms Survey—examines the measurement of illicit arms flows in Niger in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 16. 
Based on field research conducted in Niger, the Briefing Paper maps the national and international bodies that collect data relevant to monitoring the evolution of illicit arms flows in and through Niger. It also discusses the relevance of Indicator 16.4.2 and suggests ways to improve the monitoring of progress towards the achievement of SDG Target 16.4 in Niger, and more widely in Africa. The Paper is the third in a series of four publications on measuring illicit arms flows in selected countries.
Key findings: 

  • Niger’s security forces seize weapons and ammunition and keep useful records. The quality of data collection varies greatly between institutions, however, and a central, national database of seizure-related information is crucially lacking. 
  • Though Niger is primarily a transit route for weapons circulating in the region, measuring illicit arms flows in the country is key to understanding the evolution of trafficking trends in the wider region 
  • In the absence of comprehensive data on arms seizures in Niger, other indicators should also be used, including the fluctuation in materiel pricing and reports on the use of firearms in acts of violence.


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