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Reading up for RevCon3: New Briefing Paper on the conclusions of the small arms symposia


The Third Review Conference for the UN Small Arms Programme of Action (RevCon3) begins on 18 June in New York. As part of a European Union project designed to support preparations for RevCon3, the Small Arms Survey facilitated discussions at four thematic symposia in October–November 2017. They focused on:

  • small arms control in conflict and post-conflict settings;
  • small arms and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and gender-related aspects of small arms control;
  • recent developments in small arms manufacturing, technology, and design; and
  • synergies between the PoA  and other arms control instruments and processes.

The Small Arms Survey Briefing Paper Ways Forward: Conclusions of the Small Arms Symposia outlines the symposia participants’ suggestions and recommendations for practical, actionable work on small arms in the period following the Third Review Conference.

  • More information about the four side events organized by the Survey during RevCon3

 Looking forward to a productive Review Conference.

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