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17.4.2021 : 22:13 : +0200

New Handbook for identifying small arms and light weapons, and tracking their proliferation

Arms and ammunition are evidence. The accurate identification of the types and sources of weapons used by criminals and combatants provides important insights into the dynamics and underlying causes of conflict and crime.

The Small Arms Survey’s new Handbook An Introductory Guide to the Identification of Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Associated Ammunition provides journalists, researchers, investigators, policy-makers, law enforcement, and other interested parties with an understanding of how to identify and analyse small arms and light weapons, and to track their proliferation.

The process of identifying arms is complex, and no single guide can provide all of the information required to identify every weapon or round of ammunition that may be encountered at crime scenes or in conflict zones. Instead, this guide explains the process by which weapons and ammunition are identified and arms flows are tracked. Reference material on specific small arms, light weapons, and ammunition is included throughout the guide. This material will help readers to take the steps necessary to identify the make and model of the most commonly encountered weapons and ammunition.

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