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Armed Violence in India: two new Issue Briefs

Although India’s violence-related problems are serious and widespread, its rate of violent death is not especially high when compared with that of many other countries. But India’s national statistics conceal wide variation among its 28 states and seven union territories, with armed violence presenting more serious problems in certain regions.

While much official attention is paid to military threats, less is paid to criminal violence. In 2009 criminal acts caused more than 14 times as many violent deaths as terrorist activity: the statistics showing 32,369 homicide victims, compared with 2,231 deaths linked to terrorism.

With a population of almost 1.2 billion people, India is home to roughly 40 million civilian owned firearms, out of an estimated 650 million civilian guns worldwide. Of these only 6.3 million—just over 15 per cent—are licensed. Around 90 per cent of firearm-related murders are committed using unlicensed guns.

The India Armed Violence Assessment (IAVA), a project of the Small Arms Survey, has released two Issue Briefs that analyse the subject of armed violence in India.

Announcing their release, and formally launching IAVA in Delhi on 20 September 2011, Small Arms Survey Programme Director Professor Keith Krause said that this research would add to the knowledge base and help contribute to evidence-based programming over the coming months and years.

"I am pleased to be launching our India Armed Violence Assessment Project—and the project’s first two publications,” Professor Krause said.

"India has serious problems with terrorism, insurgency, criminal violence, and gendered violence; these problems are best understood through the kind of empirical research emphasized in these Issue Briefs," he said.

India’s States of Armed Violence: Assessing the Human Cost and Political Priorities gives an overview of the types of violence and the regional nature of armed violence. It finds that armed violence is much more serious in the north, the north-east, and in Maoist-affected regions. It examines the effects of the conflict in Kashmir and Maoist insurgencies, as well as looking at domestic violence and dowry deaths.

Mapping Murder: the Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities specifically analyses crimes involving firearms, focusing on the number of people killed annually by gunfire. It finds that almost two thirds of the more than 4,000 firearm murders in 2008 took place in just three of the 28 states. The Issue Brief provides a breakdown of the most and least dangerous states, in terms of firearm deaths and in terms of murder generally, and the most and least dangerous megacities—those with populations of over a million.

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