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14.4.2021 : 22:08 : +0200

PrepCom for the Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons: new publications

United Nations Member States will meet in New York this week for the UN Preparatory Committee for the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (PoA PrepCom). The objective of this meeting is to prepare the agenda for the Second PoA Review Conference (to be held in August and September), which will assess progress made in meeting the wide-ranging commitments laid out by the PoA to address the problem of small arms proliferation and misuse.

To inform discussions at the PoA PrepCom this week, the Small Arms Survey has released two Issue Briefs and a Research Note, and updated a previously-published Research Note, on topics of relevance to the meetings.

An Arms Trade Treaty: Will It Support or Supplant the PoA? (Research Note 15) examines the relationship between the PoA and the Arms Trade Treaty and discusses how the two processes relate to and complement each other; where they overlap and where synergies and links exist; and where they potentially compete with or contradict one another. 

Precedent in the Making: The UN Meeting of Governmental Experts (Issue Brief 5), taken from the forthcoming Small Arms Survey 2012 , presents details of the discussions at the Open-ended Meeting of Governmental Experts (MGE), with a view to identifying some of the key impediments to full International Tracing Instrument (ITI) implementation, as well as the various means of overcoming them.

Weapons Tracing and Peace Support Operations: Theory or Practice? (Issue Brief 4) examines the normative frameworks and practical mechanisms that could be used, specifically by Peace Support Operations (PSOs), to trace conflict weapons; and considers some of the reasons that have so far prevented PSOs from tracing weapons.

The PoA: Review of National Reports (Research Note 10) has been updated to give a synopsis of the state of play re­garding PoA national reports until December 2011, and discusses the need to improve on cur­rent practice as states prepare for the PoA Review Conference.

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