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17.4.2021 : 22:06 : +0200

Anti-tank Guided Weapons

Anti-tank guided weapons (ATGWs) are small missile-launching systems. Their missiles are designed to be steered, or ‘guided’, to a target after launch.

A new Research Note from the Small Arms Survey offers a succinct overview of this category of weapons. It covers their history, production, trade, and usage by states and non-state groups.

The first ATGWs were created when advances in armour made traditional direct-fire anti-tank guns and rocket launchers less effective. Although they were originally designed to disable armoured vehicles, ATGW producers have developed variants intended for use against other targets, such as hardened bunkers and buildings.

ATGWs also offer soldiers the ability to engage targets from greater distances with increased accuracy than is possible with unguided anti-tank light weapons.

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