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20.10.2019 : 8:14 : +0200

Twenty-five years of unplanned explosions at munitions sites

Between 1987 and 2012 some 425 events involving unplanned explosions at munitions sites were recorded.

The Small Arms Survey has released online detailed findings from its Unplanned Explosions at Munitions Sites (UEMS) database, providing information on each of the 425 events recorded between 1987 and October 2012. These events took place in 91 states.

Since 1987 there has been a more than two-fold increase in the number of incidents: from 69 events in 1987–1996, to 194 events in 1997–2006. Over the past five years the rate has continued to increase, to an average of more than two page month. During 2011, the average number of explosions increased to more than three per month—the highest rate recorded in a calendar year, with a total of 40 incidents during that year.

New information and analysis since the previous update of the UEMS webpage has resulted in a number of previously-listed events being re-evaluated, and some discarded.

Detailed tables for each year since 1987 list the location of each incident, the number of fatalities and injuries, and the cause.



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