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26.4.2018 : 5:27 : +0200

Unplanned Explosions at Munitions Sites (UEMS) page - Updated

During 2011 there were 46 reports of  unplanned explosions at munitions sites (UEMS) globally, up from an average of 32 for each of the preceding four years. The Small Arms Survey's online UEMS resource, which tracks these incidents, is now updated to include events through to the end of January 2012.

The average number of explosions increased to 3.8 per month in 2011—the highest rate recorded in a calendar year. The ten-year period 1998—2007 saw an average of three every two months; between 2008  and 2010 this rate increased to more than one every two weeks. It is unclear whether the problem is getting worse or reporting of incidents is improving. What is clear is that the number of explosions is not decreasing despite efforts to address their causes. 

Since the Small Arms Survey previously updated its UEMS page in November 2011, eleven new events have been recorded for the three-month period up to 31 January 2012. Not included is a major UEMS incident that occured in March 2012 (after the period covered in this update) in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, claiming over 200 lives, and displacing thousands. 

This update also adds a concise definition for UEMS events, and a list of bibliographic references and online resources on the topic.

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