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20.10.2019 : 7:56 : +0200

Armed groups' holdings of guided light weapons

Guided light weapons are portable systems able to fire missiles directed toward a target after launch, whether man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) against aerial targets, or anti-tank guided weapons (ATGWs) against armoured and ground targets. These weapons present security challenges for both their adversaries and the international community, especially when held by non-state armed groups. While some armed groups receive MANPADS and ATGWs directly from states as a matter of official policy, many obtain such systems through seizure, corruption, and the black market. 

A new online resource from the Small Arms Survey presents up-to-date estimates of the guided light weapons holdings of non-state armed groups from 1998 until September 2012. Based on a wide range of reports, press statements, and personal correspondences with acknowledged experts in the field of proliferation, light weapons, conflicts, and non-state armed groups, the information includes details on the specific models of weapons reportedly held by roughly 60 armed groups, located in around 45 countries. Around half of these groups are reported to be very much active.


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