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Violence, Women, and Guns

The State of Female Homicide in the World

Female homicide victims per 100,000 women, 2007–12

Following the call of Ms. Dubravka Šimonović Special Rapporteur on violence against women for the creation of a Femicide Watch, the Small Arms Survey calls attention, on November 25, the International Day on the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to the lethal and pervasive effects of gender-based violence.

Drawing on previous Small Arms Survey work on femicide and gender based violence more broadly, the 2015 Global Burden of Armed Violence report, based on data for the period 2007-2012, estimates that:

  • More than 60,000 women lose their lives yearly, as a direct consequence of violence.
  • The country where the risk for women was highest was El Salvador with more than 14 women killed per 100,000 female population, closely followed by Honduras and South Africa (see the interactive map).
  • Where rates of lethal violence are relatively low, such as in Europe and Central Asia, the proportion of female victims is disproportionately higher than the global average.
  • Intimate partners account for the majority of perpetrators—more than 60 per cent in some cases – in countries with low and very low rates of female homicide.
  • Femicide and violence against women is protracted, and occurs everywhere, not just in settings already affected by societal violence.
  • There is still a great need for sex disaggregated data, particularly for much of Africa and Asia. 

For more information on our publications on gender-based violence see also:

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