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11 May 2015, 12-14:00, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Official launch of the Global Burden of Armed Violence 2015: Every Body Counts

Every Body Counts, the 2015 edition of the Global Burden of Armed Violence, provides a wealth of data relevant to security and the post-2015 sustainable development framework. It estimates that 508,000 people died violently—in both conflict and non-conflict settings—every year in 2007–12.

This research reveals that nearly USD 2 trillion in global violence-related economic losses could have been saved, had the global homicide rate in 2000–10 been reduced to levels below 3 deaths per 100,000 population—significantly lower than the average rate of 7.4 per 100,000 exhibited in 2007–12. Such savings would have been equivalent to 2.64 per cent of the global GDP in 2010.

The third volume in the Global Burden of Armed Violence series examines how a comprehensive approach to violent deaths can serve to track progress towards a peace and security goal—whether as part of the post-2015 development framework or as a goal within a national strategy.

A new interactive online tool, available at, allows users to examine lethal violence data at the national level.

The Global Burden of Armed Violence 2015: Every Body Counts will be released to the press in Geneva on Friday 8 May at 11:30, after which selected chapters, summaries, and the interactive tool will be available online.


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