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The Maison de la Paix Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015 world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and formed the international development framework that will build on and complete the Millennium Development Goals. The seventeen goals and associated targets constitute the '2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' that will shape global policy and action on sustainable development for the next 15 years.

The new framework is a universal agenda that recognizes peace and security as an integral part of sustainable development, across all 17 global Goals. The 12 targets under Goal 16 highlight the reduction of violence, access to justice, effective and accountable institutions, inclusiveness and participation, the reduction of illicit arms trafficking, and the fight against corruption and organized crime, as essential dimensions of development. Moreover the global Goals also emphasize that supporting peaceful and inclusive societies, access to justice, and accountable institutions under Goal 16 will catalyse improvements relevant to other targets under the goals of ending poverty (Goal 1), promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth (Goal 8), and reducing inequality everywhere (Goal 10). The SDGs present a unique opportunity to create a continuum between development efforts and the support of peaceful, inclusive, and safe societies.
There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development. (A/RES/70/1 p. 2)

Although it is a state-led agenda, the 2030 development framework calls for broader partnerships—among states, civil society, the private sector, and academia—to reach the ambitious goals and targets of the SDGs. The city of Geneva, being well located and international, is suited to assisting in the task of bringing together countries, international organizations, civil society, and the broader community concerned with global issues. In the landscape of its specialists working to promote peace and security, the Maison de la Paix unites, under one roof, an especially rich and diverse range of expertise and experience poised to support the implementation of this bold new agenda.

The Maison de la Paix: a hub for SDG implementation

The entities within the Maison de la Paix (MdP) have stepped up their ongoing collaboration and established the 'SDG Hub at the MdP’, to help states and other interested parties access the knowledge and resources of participating organizations with greater ease. Organizations collaborating in the SDG Hub are: The Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP), the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Interpeace, the Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative (IPTI), Justice Rapid Response (JRR), and the Small Arms Survey.
The SDG Hub at the MdP can be contacted at: SDGHub_MDP(at)smallarmssurvey(dot)org

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