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The Small Arms Survey's team of experts speak about topical subjects and the latest research projects, and how their findings are being applied and implemented.
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Small Arms Survey 2013: Everyday Dangers — video overview

A short video overview of the Small Arms Survey 2013: Everyday Dangers. Anna Alvazzi del Frate, Eric Berman, Nicolas Florquin, and Glenn McDonald discuss the flagship publication's key findings.

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#19: On the Edge?
Trafficking and Insecurity at
the Tunisian–Libyan Border

Small Arms Survey’s Working Paper On the Edge? Trafficking and Insecurity at the Tunisian–Libyan Border examines the effects of the Libyan armed conflict and its aftermath on the security situation in Tunisia. Based on primary field research conducted in the Jefara region, which borders Libya, the study delves into the complex interactions between actors and processes, in a politically and economically turbulent region. In this podcast Dr. Moncef Kartas, the report author and coordinator of the Security Assessment In North Africa (SANA) project, discusses the study's scope and the policy implications of its findings.

Featured photo essay

'Troubled Waters: Somali Piracy'

Somali pirates have a significant presence at sea and on land. This photo essay, from Small Arms Survey 2012: Moving Targets, considers the root causes of Somali piracy and investigates local and international responses.

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