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The Survey's team of experts discuss the latest research and the application of the findings.

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#39: Documenting Illicit Arms Flows in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments

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•  31.03.2017  •  12 min 25 sec

Measuring illicit arms flows is one of the challenges faced by states in their efforts to monitor progress in implementing Sustainable Development Goal 16, target 16.4. Fulfilling its mission as the principal international source of impartial and public information on all aspects of small arms and armed violence, the Small Arms Survey brings in a series of podcasts the voices of researchers with relevant experience concerning the issue at hand. The first installment of the series features Holger Anders, Researcher on Illicit Arms Trafficking; James Bevan, Executive Director, Conflict Armament Research; Nicolas Florquin, Senior Researcher and Research Coordinator, Small Arms Survey; and Savannah de Tessières, currently a consultant with the Small Arms Survey and the UN, each talking about illicit arms flows in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

The Small Arms Survey produces these podcasts in parallel to case studies on measuring illicit arms flows in: Honduras (available in English and Spanish), Somalia (available in English and Arabic), Niger (English, French forthcoming), and Ukraine (forthcoming).

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