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All ACCESS projects are initiated by a request from a state or regional organization to Small Arms Survey, which outlines the type of support required. The Small Arms Survey then works with the requesting partner to identify the core issue of concern and plans the most appropriate course of action. If funds are available to address the core concern in the manner agreed by the Small Arms Survey and partner, a team can be quickly deployed to begin the capacity-building activity on the ground. In cases where ACCESS funds are not readily available, the Survey may work with the partner and our network of donors to identify and secure the required resources to enable implementation of the required activity.

ACCESS activities are currently focused on assisting African states and organizations. States, regional organizations, and sub-regional organizations supporting the implementation of arms control activities in Africa may apply.

To request assistance from ACCESS, or for additional information about this project, please contact the ACCESS project coordinator.

Matthias Nowak
ACCESS Project Coordinator
+41 22 908 5777



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