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Recent Publications

  • Estimating Global Civilian-held Firearms Numbers, by Aaron Karp. Briefing Paper, June 2018. (See also the Annexe with data by country/territory.)

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  • Handmade and Deadly: Craft Production of Small Arms in Nigeria, by Matthias Nowak and André Gsell. Briefing Paper, June 2018.

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  • From Legal to Lethal: Converted Firearms in Europe, by Nicolas Florquin and Benjamin King. Small Arms Survey Report, April 2018 (also available in French).

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Civilians who possess small arms include collectors, hunters, sports shooters, individuals fearing for their personal security, and criminals. Private ownership of firearms, both legal and illegal, accounts for about 85 per cent of the global small arms stockpile. National legislation generally restricts the types of weapons legally available to civilians. In several countries, however, private individuals can access fully automatic firearms legally. Another concern lies in the extent to which the availability of firearms to the general population influences levels of armed violence – including the occurrence of homicides, other types of armed crime, and suicide.

The Small Arms Survey keeps track of civilian ownership of small arms worldwide, both registered and unregistered. Household surveys and focus group discussions undertaken in a number of settings have made it possible to refine knowledge on individual motivations for resorting to gun ownership, their perceptions of small arms, and the effectiveness of policies to address uncontrolled arms proliferation. The Survey also examines key questions related to the civilian ownership of small arms, including the links between arms regulation and violence levels, the demographic profile of arms bearers, national firearms regulations, and the effectiveness of initiatives to collect civilian firearms.


Small Arms Survey Publications

  • Estimating Global Civilian-held Firearms Numbers, by Aaron Karp. Briefing Paper, June 2018. (See also the Annexe with data by country/territory.)

    Download (1.07 MB)
  • Handmade and Deadly: Craft Production of Small Arms in Nigeria, by Matthias Nowak and André Gsell. Briefing Paper, June 2018.

    Download (1.8 MB)
  • From Legal to Lethal: Converted Firearms in Europe, by Nicolas Florquin and Benjamin King. Small Arms Survey Report, April 2018 (also available in French).

    Download (1.22 MB)
  • Women and Gun Ownership, September 2014. Research Note No. 45, Armed Actors.

    Download (1.58 MB)
  • Evolving Traditional Practices: Managing Small Arms in the Horn of Africa and Karamoja Cluster, June 2014. Armed Actors Issue Brief No. 3 (see also Annexe).

    Download (510.54 KB)
  • Availability of Small Arms and Perceptions of Security in Kenya: An Assessment, by Manasseh Wepundi, Eliud Nthiga, Eliud Kabuu, Ryan Murray, and Anna Alvazzi del Frate, a joint publication of Kenya National Focus Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons, and the Small Arms Survey, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. June 2012. Special Report No. 16. (This report is also available in Swahili. An Executive Summary including recommendations is also available in English and Swahili.)

    Download (2.1 MB)
  • Blue Skies and Dark Clouds: Kazakhstan and Small Arms, by Nicolas Florquin, Dauren Aben, and Takhmina Karimova, May 2012. Occasional Paper No. 29 (also available in Kazakh and Russian; Executive Summary available in English, Kazakh, and Russian)

    Download (1.23 MB)
  • Mapping Murder: The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities, September 2011. India Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief No. 2 (also available in Hindi).

  • Estimating Civilian Owned Firearms, September 2011. Research Note No. 9, Armed Actors (also available in Catalan and Spanish).

    Download (415.3 KB)
  • Arms in and around Mauritania: National and Regional Security Implications, by Stéphanie Pézard with Anne-Kathrin Glatz, June 2010. Occasional Paper No. 24 (also available in French)

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  • Supply and Demand: Arms Flows and Holdings in Sudan, December 2009. HSBA Issue Brief No. 15 (also available in Arabic)

  • Assessing the Effect of Policy Interventions on Small Arms Demand in Bogotá, Colombia, by Katherine Aguirre et al., co-published with CERAC, December 2009.

    Download (2.92 MB)
  • 'Insecurity Is Also a War': An Assessment of Armed Violence in Burundi, by Stéphanie Pézard and Savannah de Tessières, October 2009 (also available in French)

  • Shots in the Dark: The 2008 South Sudan Civilian Disarmament Campaign, by Adam O'Brien, January 2009. Working Paper No. 16 (also available in Arabic)

  • Small Arms in Rio de Janeiro: The Guns, the Buyback, and the Victims, by Pablo Dreyfus, Luis Eduardo Guedes, Ben Lessing, Antônio Rangel Bandeira, Marcelo de Sousa Nascimento, and Patricia Silveira Rivero, a study by the Small Arms Survey, Viva Rio, and ISER, December 2008. Special Report No. 9

    Download (980.37 KB)
  • Violence and Victimization after Civilian Disarmament: The Case of Jonglei, by Richard Garfield, December 2007. Working Paper No. 11 (also available in Arabic)

  • Quoi de neuf sur le front congolais? Evaluation de base sur la circulation des armes lLégères et de petit calibre en République du Congo, by Robert Muggah and Ryan Nichols, published with the UNDP–Republic of the Congo, December 2007. Special Report No. 8

    Download (813.81 KB)
  • Small Arms, Armed Violence, and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Niger Delta in Perspective, by Jennifer M. Hazen with Jonas Horner, December 2007. Occasional Paper No. 20

    Download (1.14 MB)
  • Small Arms in Burundi: Disarming the Civilian Population in Peacetime, by Stéphanie Pézard and Nicolas Florquin, a study by the Small Arms Survey and the Ligue Iteka with support from UNDP–Burundi and Oxfam–NOVIB, August 2007. Special Report No. 7 (also available in French)

    Download (2.97 MB)
  • Anatomy of Civilian Disarmament in Jonglei State: Recent Experiences and Implications, November 2006–February 2007. HSBA Issue Brief No. 3 (2nd edition - also available in Arabic)

  • How Many Weapons Are There in Cambodia? by Christina Wille, July 2006. Working Paper No. 4

    Download (329 KB)
  • Demanding Attention: Addressing the Dynamics of Small Arms Demand, by David Atwood, Anne-Kathrin Glatz, and Robert Muggah, January 2006. Occasional Paper No. 18 (also available in French and Spanish)

    Download (1.8 MB)
  • Gun-running in Papua New Guinea: From Arrows to Assault Weapons in the Southern Highlands, by Philip Alpers, June 2005. Special Report No. 5

    Download (826.08 KB)
  • Firearm-related Violence in Brazil, co-published with the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization, coordinated by Maria Fernanda Tourinho Peres, November 2004. (Summary report also available)

    Download (2.06 MB)
  • 'A House Isn't A Home without a Gun': SALW Survey, Republic of Montenegro, by Nicolas Florquin and Shelly O'Neill Stoneman, co-published with SEESAC, July 2004 (also available in BCMS)

    Download (2.9 MB)
  • A Fragile Peace: Guns and Security in Post-Conflict Macedonia, by Suzette R. Grillot et al., commissioned by UNDP and co-published with BICC and SEESAC, June 2004. Special Report No. 4

    Download (596.88 KB)
  • Small Arms in Kyrgyzstan: A Small Arms Anomaly in Central Asia? by S. Neil MacFarlane and Stina Torjesen, February 2004. Occasional Paper No. 12 (also available in Kyrgyz)

    Download (1.17 MB)
  • Diagnosing Demand: Assessing the Motivations and Means for Firearms Acquisition in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, by Robert Muggah, Discussion Paper 2004/7, Australian National University, 2004.

    Download (362.01 KB)
  • Kosovo and the Gun: A Baseline Assessment of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Kosovo, by Anna Khakee and Nicolas Florquin, commissioned by the UNDP, June 2003. Special Report No. 3 (also available in Albanian and BCMS).

    Download (783.92 KB)
  • Demand, Stockpiles, and Social Controls: Small Arms in Yemen, by Derek B. Miller, May 2003. Occasional Paper No. 9 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (441.32 KB)
  • Small Arms in the Pacific, by Philip Alpers and Conor Twyford, March 2003. Occasional Paper No. 8

    Download (855.71 KB)
  • Politics from the Barrel of a Gun: Small Arms Proliferation and Conflict in the Republic of Georgia, by Spyros Demetriou, November 2002. Occasional Paper No. 6 (also available in Russian)

    Download (367.83 KB)
  • Stray Bullets: The Impact of Small Arms Misuse in Central America, by William Godnick, with Robert Muggah and Camilla Waszink, October 2002. Occasional Paper No. 5 (also available in Spanish)

    Download (258.78 KB)
  • Small Arms Availability, Trade, and Impacts in the Republic of Congo, commissioned by IOM and the UNDP, by Spyros Demetriou, Robert Muggah and Ian Biddle, April 2002. Special Report No. 2

    Download (720.11 KB)
  • Removing Small Arms from Society: A Review of Weapons Collection and Destruction Programmes, by Sami Faltas, Glenn McDonald, and Camilla Waszink, July 2001. Occasional Paper No. 2

    Download (372.42 KB)
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Other Publications

  • Hepp, U., et al. 2010. Suicide trends diverge by method: Swiss suicide rates 1969–2005. European Psychiatry, Vol. 25, No. 3 April, pp. 129–35.

    More information
  • Dijk, J. van, Kesteren, J. van, and Smit, P. 2007. Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective. The Hague: Boom Juridische.

    More information
  • Dobat, Armin S., Diermar Heubriock and Joachim Stoeter. 2006. Waffenbesitz und waffenmissbrach in Deutschland. Kriminalpolitik, December, pp. 724-728.

  • Gould, Chandré and Guy Lamb, eds. 2004. Hide and Seek: Taking Account of Small Arms in Southern Africa. Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies.

    More information
  • United Nations Crime and Justice Network. 1999. United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation.Collection of national reports on domestic private gun ownership. Vienna: United Nations

    More information
  • Thorp, Sir Thomas. 1997. Review of Firearms Control in New Zealand. Wellington: Report of an Independent Inquiry Commissioned by the Minister of Police.

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