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The Survey's team of experts discuss the latest research and the application of the findings.

Episode 5: Armed Violence: A unified approach to a global problem

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Armed Violence Assessments

Human Security Baseline Assessment for Sudan and South Sudan

The Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) for Sudan and South Sudan is a multi-year research project administered by the Small Arms Survey, an independent research project of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Through the active generation and dissemination of timely empirical research, the project supports violence reduction initiatives
» More about the HSBA for Sudan and South Sudan project

India Armed Violence Assessment

The India Armed Violence Assessment (IAVA) is developing a comprehensive evidence base on the contours of violence and fatalities in the country. It intends to initiate a dialogue that widens the understanding of armed violence, to bring together leading experts and social science research communities to review the many causes and consequences of insecurity, and to build networks of policy-makers and practitioners to thicken the evidence base. 
» More about the India Armed Violence Assessment

Liberia Armed Violence Assessment

In collaboration with the Liberian Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS), and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), the Small Arms Survey administered a national household survey in 2010 to assess issues of crime and violence in post-conflict Liberia.The Liberia Armed Violence Assessment will present the results of this survey in a series of Issue Briefs.
» More about the Liberia Armed Violence Assessment


Nepal Armed Violence Assessment

Based in Kathmandu and Geneva, the Nepal Armed Violence Assessment (NAVA) will provide a clearinghouse for existing and new original research on the dynamics of armed violence and effective approaches to prevention and reduction.
» More about the Nepal Armed Violence Assessment

Security Assessment in North Africa

The Security Assessment in North Africa is a multi-year project to support those engaged in building a more secure environment in North Africa and the Sahel-Sahara region. The project produces timely, evidence-based research and analysis on the availability and circulation of small arms, the dynamics of emerging armed groups, and related insecurity.
» More about the Security Assessment in North Africa

Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment

The Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment (TLAVA) is supported by the Timorese government together with ActionAid, the Small Arms Survey, and a network of partners. The project seeks to identify concrete entry points to reduce real and perceived armed violence. Undertaken between 2008 and 2009, the TLAVA has established a repository of international and domestic data on violence trends. Findings are released in Tetum, Bahasa, Portuguese and English.
» More about the Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment

Yemen Armed Violence Assessment

The Yemen Armed Violence Assessment (YAVA) is a multiyear initiative administered by the Small Arms Survey, and designed with the support of the UK Conflict Prevention Pool. The project seeks to collect and disseminate quantitative and qualitative research to support efforts to prevent and reduce real and perceived armed violence in Yemen.
» More about the Yemen Armed Violence Assessment

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