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Economic Impact of Armed Violence

The annual global economic costs of armed violence run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. There are many ways to calculate the financial, fixed, and human capital costs, whose true extent is ultimately shaped by the duration, severity, and spatial distribution of armed violence.

If the consequences of armed conflict are taken into consideration, the overall costs of armed violence escalate higher still. Violent civil conflict decreases the GDP growth of an average economy by at least two per cent per year.

  • Contingent valuation approaches yield a global cost of ‘insecurity’ generated by conflict of up to USD 70 per person, or a global annual burden of USD 400 billion.
  • The economic cost of non-conflict armed violence in just 90 countries, measured in terms of lost productivity, is USD 95 billion and may reach as high as USD 163.3 billion, or 0.14 per cent of the annual global GDP.


Small Arms Survey Publications

  • Voicing Concern: Surveying People's Priorities in Violent Settings, December 2015. Issue Brief No. 15. 

    Download (564.47 KB)
  • Global Burden of Armed Violence 2015: Every Body Counts, by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat. Published by Cambridge University Press. May 2015.

    More information
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    Download (489.39 KB)
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  • Securing Haiti’s Transition: Reviewing Human Insecurity and the Prospects for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration, by Robert Muggah, November 2005. Occasional Paper No. 14 (also available in French)

    Download (793.71 KB)
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Other Publications

  • Costo médico-hospitalario derivado de la atención de pacientes víctimas de violencia por armas de fuego en Honduras, by Mario Flores, February 2016. Violence and Security in Honduras, unpublished background paper No. 1.

    Download (98.86 KB)
  • Costo de la violencia armada en Honduras: pérdidas en inversiones y turismo 2011-2013, by Angélica Bustillo Banegas, February 2016. Violence and Security in Honduras, unpublished background paper No. 3.

    Download (95.57 KB)
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    More information
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