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Small Arms Survey Web Documentaries

A web documentary is a production format that differs from the more traditional media forms by creating interactive, non-linear sequences and combining a multitude of media—photography, text, audio, video, animation and infographics—into one single production.

Small Arms Survey 2015: Weapons and the World

This web doc provides an interactive access to the key content elements, findings and facts & figures of the Small Arms Survey 2015: Weapons and the World. Text, photography, figures and tables of the volume are complemented by narrated audio segments of the chapter authors and members of the Survey research team. This web doc is based on HMTL5 and is best viewed in up-to-date versions of the Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers.

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The 2015 edition of the Survey's annual flagship publication examines the role of weapons and armed violence in humanity’s appropriation of the earth’s wildlife and mineral riches. In addition to presenting updates on the UN small arms process and the top arms importers and exporters, the volume also assesses how recent technological developments affect weapons marking, record-keeping, and tracing; reviews small arms flows to Egypt, Libya, and Syria before and after the ‘Arab Spring’; and evaluates a stockpile management initiative in South-east Europe. The ‘armed actors’ section sheds light on the arms and ammunition used by insurgents in northern Mali, the decline of the Forces Démocratiques de Libération du Rwanda, and the use of floating armouries by private security companies in the Indian Ocean. This edition also analyses the conditions that are driving young people to adopt high-risk coping strategies in Burundi.

Further information:

  • Read and download chapter summaries and selected full chapters
  • Read the highlights note about the release of the Small Arms Survey 2015
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