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Occasional Papers

The Occasional Paper series presents original research by Small Arms Survey research staff and consultants, offering findings and in-depth analysis of issues relating to small arms and armed violence.   

  • Monitoring UN Arms Embargoes: Observations from Panel of Experts, by Emile LeBrun and Christelle Rigual, November 2016. Occasional Paper No. 33.

    Download (275.63 KB)
  • Behind the Curve: New Technologies, New Control Challenges, edited by Benjamin King and Glenn McDonald, February 2015. Occasional Paper No. 32.

    Download (1.58 MB)
  • Internal Control: Codes of Conducts within Insurgent Armed Groups, by Olivier Bangerter, November 2012. Occasional Paper No. 31 (see also Executive Summary)

    Download (646.32 KB)
  • The Programme of Action Implementation Monitor (Phase 1): Assessing Reported Progress, by Sarah Parker with Katherine Green, August 2012. Occasional Paper No. 30

    Download (886.02 KB)
  • Blue Skies and Dark Clouds: Kazakhstan and Small Arms, by Nicolas Florquin, Dauren Aben, and Takhmina Karimova, May 2012. Occasional Paper No. 29 (also available in Kazakh and Russian; Executive Summary available in English, Kazakh, and Russian)

    Download (1.23 MB)
  • Analysis of National Reports: Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and the International Tracing Instrument in 2009–10, by Sarah Parker, May 2011. Occasional Paper No. 28

    Download (1.77 MB)
  • Safer Stockpiles: Practitioners’ Experiences with Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) Assistance Programmes, edited by Benjamin King, April 2011. Occasional Paper No. 27

    Download (965.63 KB)
  • Confronting the Don: The Political Economy of Gang Violence in Jamaica, by Glaister Leslie, November 2010. Occasional Paper No. 26

    Download (1.19 MB)
  • Transparency Counts: Assessing State Reporting on Small Arms Transfers, 2001-08, by Jasna Lazarevic, June 2010. Occasional Paper No. 25

    Download (1.53 MB)
  • Arms in and around Mauritania: National and Regional Security Implications, by Stéphanie Pézard with Anne-Kathrin Glatz, June 2010. Occasional Paper No. 24 (also available in French)

    Download (1.23 MB)
  • Gangs of Central America: Causes, Costs, and Interventions, by Dennis Rodgers, Robert Muggah, and Chris Stevenson, May 2009. Occasional Paper No. 23

    Download (369.59 KB)
  • Blowback: Kenya's Illicit Ammunition Problem in Turkana North District, by James Bevan, June 2008. Occasional Paper No. 22 (Executive Summary also available)

    Download (2.34 MB)
  • Crisis in Karamoja: Armed Violence and the Failure of Disarmament in Uganda’s Most Deprived Region, by James Bevan, June 2008. Occasional Paper No. 21 (Executive Summary also available)

    Download (1.43 MB)
  • Small Arms, Armed Violence, and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Niger Delta in Perspective, by Jennifer M. Hazen with Jonas Horner, December 2007. Occasional Paper No. 20

    Download (1.14 MB)
  • A Guide to the US Small Arms Market, Industry, and Exports, by Tamar Gabelnick, Maria Haug, and Lora Lumpe, September 2006. Occasional Paper No. 19

    Download (1.69 MB)
  • Demanding Attention: Addressing the Dynamics of Small Arms Demand, by David Atwood, Anne-Kathrin Glatz, and Robert Muggah, January 2006. Occasional Paper No. 18 (also available in French and Spanish)

    Download (1.8 MB)
  • Tajikistan’s Road to Stability: Reduction in Small Arms Proliferation and Remaining Challenges, by Stina Torjesen, Christina Wille, and S. Neil MacFarlane, November 2005. Occasional Paper No. 17

    Download (1.23 MB)
  • Behind a Veil of Secrecy: Military Small Arms and Light Weapons Production in Western Europe, by Reinhilde Weidacher, November 2005. Occasional Paper No. 16

    Download (704.64 KB)
  • Silencing Guns: Local Perspectives on Small Arms and Armed Violence in Rural South Pacific Islands Communities, edited by Emile LeBrun and Robert Muggah, June 2005. Occasional Paper No. 15

    Download (788.34 KB)
  • Securing Haiti’s Transition: Reviewing Human Insecurity and the Prospects for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration, by Robert Muggah, November 2005. Occasional Paper No. 14 (also available in French)

    Download (793.71 KB)
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons Production in Eastern, Central, and Southeast Europe, by Yudit Kiss, October 2004. Occasional Paper No. 13

    Download (252.08 KB)
  • Small Arms in Kyrgyzstan: A Small Arms Anomaly in Central Asia? by S. Neil MacFarlane and Stina Torjesen, February 2004. Occasional Paper No. 12 (also available in Kyrgyz)

    Download (1.17 MB)
  • In the Shadow of a Cease-fire: The Impacts of Small Arms Availability and Misuse in Sri Lanka, by Chris Smith, October 2003. Occasional Paper No. 11

    Download (1.01 MB)
  • Beyond the Kalashnikov: Small Arms Production, Exports, and Stockpiles in the Russian Federation, by Maxim Pyadushkin with Maria Haug and Anna Matveeva, August 2003. Occasional Paper No. 10

    Download (212.98 KB)
  • Demand, Stockpiles, and Social Controls: Small Arms in Yemen, by Derek B. Miller, May 2003. Occasional Paper No. 9 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (441.32 KB)
  • Small Arms in the Pacific, by Philip Alpers and Conor Twyford, March 2003. Occasional Paper No. 8

    Download (855.71 KB)
  • Making Global Public Policy: The Case of Small Arms and Light Weapons, by Edward Laurence and Rachel Stohl, December 2002. Occasional Paper No. 7

    Download (292.02 KB)
  • Politics from the Barrel of a Gun: Small Arms Proliferation and Conflict in the Republic of Georgia, by Spyros Demetriou, November 2002. Occasional Paper No. 6 (also available in Russian)

    Download (367.83 KB)
  • Stray Bullets: The Impact of Small Arms Misuse in Central America, by William Godnick, with Robert Muggah and Camilla Waszink, October 2002. Occasional Paper No. 5 (also available in Spanish)

    Download (258.78 KB)
  • Shining a Light on Small Arms Exports: The Record of State Transparency, by Maria Haug, Martin Langvandslien, Lora Lumpe, and Nic Marsh, co-published with NISAT, January 2002. Occasional Paper No. 4

    Download (419.91 KB)
  • Legal Controls on Small Arms and Light Weapons in Southeast Asia, by Katherine Kramer, co-published with Nonviolence International Southeast Asia, July 2001. Occasional Paper No. 3

    Download (293.87 KB)
  • Removing Small Arms from Society: A Review of Weapons Collection and Destruction Programmes, by Sami Faltas, Glenn McDonald, and Camilla Waszink, July 2001. Occasional Paper No. 2

    Download (372.42 KB)
  • Re-Armament in Sierra Leone: One Year After the Lome Peace Agreement, by Eric Berman, December 2000. Occasional Paper No. 1 (also available in French)

    Download (1009.67 KB)
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