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Working Papers

The Working Paper series provides timely information on pertinent themes involving small arms and armed violence.

  • Web Trafficking: Analysing the Online Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Libya, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones and Ian McCollum, April 2017. Working Paper No. 26.

    Download (1.18 MB)
  • Global Development and Production of Self-loading Service Rifles: 1896 to the Present, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, January 2017. Working Paper No. 25.

    Download (858.11 KB)
  • Sustainable Stockpile Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Role of EUFOR Mobile Training Team for Weapons and Ammunition Management, by Jovana Carapic, Prasenjit Chaudhuri, and Pierre Gobinet, October 2016. Working Paper No. 24.

    Download (907.45 KB)
  • Chambering the Next Round: Emergent Small-calibre Cartridge Technologies, by N. R. Jenzen-Jones, February 2016. Working Paper No. 23.

    Download (978.44 KB)
  • The Value of Hospital Data: Understanding and Preventing Intentional Injury in Liberia, by Lucie Collinson, Andrew Winnington, and Mary Vriniotis, January 2016. Working Paper No. 22.

    Download (1.62 MB)
  • Secret Stockpiles: Arms Caches and Disarmament Efforts in Mozambique, by Gary Littlejohn, September 2015. Working Paper 21

    Download (1.12 MB)
  • Politics by Other Means: Conflicting Interests in Libya's Security Sector, by Wolfram Lacher and Peter Cole, October 2014. Working Paper No. 20 (also available in Turkish, Arabic)

    Download (1.63 MB)
  • Rogue Rocketeers: Artillery Rockets and Armed Groups, by Matt Schroeder, July 2014. Working Paper No. 19

    Download (1.13 MB)
  • Following the Headstamp Trail: An Assessment of Small-calibre Ammunition Documented in Syria, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, April 2014. Working Paper No. 18 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (1.59 MB)
  • On the Edge? Trafficking and Insecurity at the Tunisian–Libyan Border, by Moncef Kartas, December 2013. Working Paper No. 17 (also available in Arabic and French)

    Download (1.66 MB)
  • The Headstamp Trail: An Assessment of Small-calibre Ammunition Found in Libya, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, May 2013. Working Paper No. 16 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (3.47 MB)
  • Policing the Periphery: Opportunities and Challenges for Kenya Police Reserves, by Kennedy Mkutu and Gerald Wandera. March 2013. Working Paper No. 15

    Download (1.38 MB)
  • The US Firearms Industry: Production and Supply, by Jurgen Brauer, February 2013. Working Paper No. 14.

    Download (1.82 MB)
  • Battering, Rape, and Lethal Violence: A Baseline of Information on Physical Threats against Women in Nairobi, by Claire Mc Evoy, December 2012. Working Paper No. 13

    Download (771.48 KB)
  • After the Fall: Libya's Evolving Armed Groups, by Brian McQuinn, October 2012. Working Paper No. 12 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (1.59 MB)
  • In Transit: Gangs and Criminal Networks in Guyana, by Taylor Owen and Alexandre Grigsby, February 2012. Working Paper No. 11

    Download (1.19 MB)
  • Surveying Europe’s Production and Procurement of Small Arms and Light Weapons Ammunition: The Cases of Italy, France, and the Russian Federation, edited by Benjamin King, July 2010. Working Paper No. 10

    Download (1.04 MB)
  • National Implementation of the United Nations Small Arms Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument: An Analysis of Reporting in 2009-10 (Interim Version, June 2010), by Sarah Parker, June 2010. Working Paper No. 9 (see Annexes)

    Download (431.14 KB)
  • No Other Life: Gangs, Guns, and Governance in Trinidad and Tobago, by Dorn Townsend, December 2009. Working Paper No. 8

    Download (902.37 KB)
  • Surplus Arms in South America: A Survey, by Aaron Karp, a study by the Small Arms Survey in cooperation with the Conflict Analysis Resource Center (CERAC), August 2009. Working Paper No. 7 (also available in Spanish and Portuguese)

    Download (433.14 KB)
  • Trading Life, Trading Death: The Flow of Small Arms from Mozambique to Malawi, by Gregory Mthembu-Salter, January 2009. Working Paper No. 6

    Download (396.63 KB)
  • Avoiding Disarmament Failure: The Critical Link in DDR—An Operational Manual for Donors, Managers, and Practitioners, by Peter Swarbrick, February 2007. Working Paper No. 5

    Download (289.07 KB)
  • How Many Weapons Are There in Cambodia? by Christina Wille, July 2006. Working Paper No. 4

    Download (329 KB)
  • Islands of Safety in a Sea of Guns: Gun-free Zones in South Africa, by Adèle Kirsten et al., January 2006. Working Paper No. 3

    Download (1.19 MB)
  • The Use and Perception of Weapons Before and After Conflict: Evidence from Rwanda, by Cécelle Meijer and Philip Verwimp, October 2005. Working Paper No. 2

    Download (465.11 KB)
  • The Role of Small Arms During the 2003–2004 Conflict in Iraq, by Riyadh Lafta et al., September 2005. Working Paper No. 1

    Download (173.77 KB)
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