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Relevant Resources

  • Measuring Illicit Arms Flows: Honduras, November 2016. Research Note No. 62 (also available in Spanish).

    Download (238.74 KB)
  • Firearms and Violence in Honduras, March 2014. Research Note No. 39, Armed Violence (also available in Spanish).

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Central America is among the world's most violent regions: several countries in the region experience rates of violent deaths similar to those of the wars currently under way in Syria or Libya. The involvement of criminal organizations in drug trafficking, gang-related shootings, and the widespread use of firearms in violent acts are among the main factors contributing to this situation. Honduras stands out as the country most affected by the scourge of firearms, experiencing the world's highest rates of both homicides and firearm homicides. More than 80 per cent of homicides in Honduras are carried out with a gun.

Research Note 62, Measuring Illicit Arms Flows: Honduras,* sheds light on the nature of small arms trafficking in Honduras, with particular focus on the types of weapons involved. It also examine the relative frequency and size of reported weapons seizures. It draws on a variety of sources, including official press releases and media articles about arms smuggling; information about seizures and actors involved in arms trafficking in the country; and interviews with key informants in Tegucigalpa. The case study also benefits from information gleaned from other ongoing Small Arms Survey projects focusing on the impact of armed violence on vulnerable groups, notably women and school children (see, for example, ‘Firearms and Violence in Honduras’).

* Also available in Spanish.