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Recent Publications

  • Under pressure: Social violence over land and water in Yemen, October 2010. Yemen Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief No. 2 (also available in Arabic)

  • Fault lines: Tracking armed violence in Yemen, May 2010.
    Yemen Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief No. 1 (also available in Arabic)

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Yemen Armed Violence Assessment

The Yemen Armed Violence Assessment (YAVA) is a multiyear initiative administered by the Small Arms Survey, and designed with the support of the UK Conflict Prevention Pool. The project seeks to collect and disseminate quantitative and qualitative research to support efforts to prevent and reduce real and perceived armed violence in Yemen. The YAVA focuses on addressing the following broad research themes:

  • the demand for small arms and other weapons (motivations and means);
  • armed violence typologies and the drivers of armed violence (risk factors);
  • the impact of small arms and other weapons (on specific demographic groups and geographical areas);
  • the market for small arms and stockpiles throughout the country (supply); and
  • measuring the effectiveness of various approaches to armed violence prevention and reduction.

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