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Recent Publications

  • Inclusive Security, Inclusive Cities, April 2014, by Emilia Frost and Matthias Nowak, published by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat.  Policy Paper No.1. (also available in French and Spanish). 

  • Firearms and Violence in Honduras, March 2014. Research Note No. 39, Armed Violence (also available in Spanish).

    Download (3.68 MB)
  • Geospatial Technologies and Crime: The Jamaican Experience, October 2013. Armed Violence Issue Brief No. 3.

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Armed Violence








The Geneva Declaration defines armed violence as ‘the intentional use of illegitimate force (actual or threatened) with arms or explosives, against a person, group, community, or state that undermines people-centred security and/or sustainable development’. Although the incidence of armed conflict has declined in recent years, the number of people killed by armed violence has not. Every year, armed violence kills around 535,000 people, more than three-quarters of whom die in non-conflict settings.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many non-fatal injuries cause significant long-term costs. These include long-term hospitalization, extensive rehabilitation and care, negative impacts on household investments, disruption in social and community relations, and severe gender inequalities.


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