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Recent Publications

  • Contributing Evidence to Programming: Armed Violence Monitoring Systems, by Elisabeth Gilgen and Lauren Tracey, published by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat, September 2011. 

  • Tackling Violence against Women: From Knowledge to Practical Initiatives, by Jennifer Milliken with Elisabeth Gilgen and Jasna Lazaravic, published by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat, June 2011. 

  • Urban Violence in an Urban Village: A Case Study of Dili, Timor-Leste, edited by Robert Muggah, October 2010


The Global Partnership on Small Arms

The Global Partnership on Small Arms is a platform where stakeholders engaged in reducing or preventing illicit arms trafficking interact; exchange information, experience, and knowledge; and give feedback to further their shared goals. The Global Partnership’s website also hosts a library of resources on illicit small arms and light weapons flows and control measures.

The Global Partnership is intended to build on the mutually reinforcing implementation of existing international instruments dealing with countering illicit arms trafficking (for example, the UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons), promoting the regulation of the legal trade through the Arms Trade Treaty, and advancing gender equality through the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. The Global Partnership will thus be better able to connect existing work to counter the spread of illicit arms with the 2030 Development Agenda.

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