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The project publishes its findings in various formats, formerly focusing on Issue Briefs, Working Papers, and online Dispatches, and from mid-2017 onwards in the form of Briefing Papers and Reports. Publications are made available in English and Arabic, and, in some instances, French.

  • FAL Rifles in Libya: A Guide to Data Gathering, by Damien Spleeters, July 2013. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 1 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (842.71 KB)
  • The Arms Trade Treaty: A Step Forward in Small Arms Control?, June 2013. Research Note No. 30, Measures and Programmes (also available in Arabic, French,  and Spanish).

    Download (324.08 KB)
  • The Headstamp Trail: An Assessment of Small-calibre Ammunition Found in Libya, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, May 2013. Working Paper No. 16 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (3.47 MB)
  • Rebel Forces in Northern Mali: Documented Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materiel. Co-published with Conflict Armament Research, April 2013.

    Download (1009.91 KB)
  • Armed Violence Monitoring Systems, March 2013. Research Note No. 27, Armed Violence (also available in Arabic and in Spanish).

    Download (300.92 KB)
  • After the Fall: Libya's Evolving Armed Groups, by Brian McQuinn, October 2012. Working Paper No. 12 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (1.59 MB)
  • Armed Groups in Libya: Typology and Roles, June 2012. Research Note No. 18, Armed Actors (also available in Arabic).

    Download (802.08 KB)
  • Femicide: A Global Problem, February 2012. Research Note No. 14, Armed Violence (also available in Arabic).

    Download (659.24 KB)
  • Regulating Armed Groups from Within: A Typology, January 2012. Research Note No. 13, Armed Actors.

    Download (185.72 KB)
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