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Recent Publications

  • Dividing lines: Grazing and conflict along the Sudan–South Sudan border, by Joshua Craze, July 2013. Working Paper No. 30

  • New War, Old Enemies: Conflict Dynamics in South Kordofan, by Claudio Gramizzi and Jérôme Tubiana, April 2013. Working Paper No. 29 (also availabe in Arabic)

  • My Neighbour, My Enemy: Inter-tribal Violence in Jonglei, October 2012. HSBA Issue Brief Number 21 (also available in Arabic)


Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) for Sudan and South Sudan

The Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) for Sudan and South Sudan is a multi-year research project administered by the Small Arms Survey, an independent research project of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. It has been developed in cooperation with the Canadian government, UNMIS, UNDP, and NGO partners. Through the active generation and dissemination of timely empirical research, the project supports violence reduction initiatives, including disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes, incentive schemes for civilian arms collections and security sector reform and arms control interventions across Sudan. The HSBA also offers policy-relevant guidance on redressing insecurity. The objectives of the project are the following:

  • to investigate international, regional, and domestic transfers of arms;
  • to assess domestic small arms stockpiles and inventories;
  • to map and assess origins, motivations, and distribution of armed groups;
  • to measure the scale and distribution of mortality, morbidity, and victimization; and
  • to examine local security arrangements and demand for weapons.

The project publishes its findings regularly in various formats: Briefing Papers, Issue Briefs, Working Papers, Reports and Facts & Figures reports, as well as occasional workshop reports, op-eds and practitioner articles. Publications are available in English, Arabic and French (in the case of research on the Central African Republic and Chad). The project has also produced a Synthesis Report, Small Arms and Armed Violence in Sudan and South Sudan: An Assessment of Empirical Research Undertaken since 2005, which  provides an overview of the HSBA's research approach and findings in the areas of arms proliferation, armed groups, armed violence, and security provision.

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