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Recent Publications

  • Libya’s Fractious South and Regional Instability, by Wolfram Lacher, February 2014. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 3 (also available in Arabic and Turkish).

    Download (821.52 KB)
  • On the Edge? Trafficking and Insecurity at the Tunisian–Libyan Border, by Moncef Kartas, December 2013. Working Paper No. 17 (also available in Arabic and French)

    Download (1.66 MB)
  • Small-calibre Ammunition in Libya: An Update, by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, December 2013. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 2 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (866.08 KB)

Security Assessment in North Africa

The Security Assessment in North Africa is a multi-year project of the Small Arms Survey to support those engaged in building a more secure environment in North Africa and the Sahel-Sahara region. The project produces timely, evidence-based research and analysis on the availability and circulation of small arms, the dynamics of emerging armed groups, and related insecurity. The research stresses the effects of the recent uprisings and armed conflicts in the region on community safety.

The project’s objectives are:

  • to investigate availability and circulation of weapons, and place that information into the broader context of contraband and trafficking in the region;
  • to map existing and emerging armed groups, and to understand their origins and aims, as well the dynamics underlying their evolution and expansion;
  • to appraise the scope, scale and distribution of armed violence; and
  • to examine measures and programmes undertaken to mitigate related threats and insecurity.

The project publishes its findings in three separate formats: Issue Briefs, Working Papers, and online reports. Publications are available in English, Arabic, and French.

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