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SDG16 Data Initiative

Latest Publications

  • Firearms and Violent Deaths, October 2016. Research Note No. 60.

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  • A New Development Agenda: Bridging the Development–Security Divide, June 2016. Research Note No. 58.

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  • Measuring Illicit Arms Flows: SDG Target 16.4, May 2016. Research Note No. 57.

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  • The Online Trade of Light Weapons in Libya, by N. R. Jenzen-Jones and Graeme Rice, April 2016. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 6. (also available in Arabic)

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Measuring Progress

How does one measure progress in implementing the 2030 Development Agenda target on illicit arms flows? Information on the quantities, types, and value of the illicit arms circulating worldwide is very limited. Better methods of dealing with the trade in illicit arms will require understanding the situations in which arms become illicit—whether from trafficking, diversion, production, or conversion.

The Global Partnership aims to provide a significant contribution to our understanding of the phenomena of illicit arms flows, their impacts, and ‘what works’ in addressing this problem. Four main sources of information are available: