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Publications on Armed Actors

The Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment project has produced more than three dozen in-depth reports on aspects of armed violence, small arms, and insecurity in Sudan. These reports can be accessed via the HSBA publications page. 

  • Who's Fighting Whom in Tripoli: How the 2019 Civil War is Transforming Libya's Military Landscape, by Wolfram Lacher. SANA Briefing Paper, August 2019 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (3.34 MB)
  • Lost in Trans-nation: Tubu and Other Armed Groups and Smugglers along Libya's Southern Border, by Jérôme Tubiana and Claudio Gramizzi. Report, December 2018. A joint publication of HSBA, the Security Assessment in North Africa (SANA), and Conflict Armament Research (also available in Arabic).

    Download (5.77 MB)
  • Capital of Militias: Tripoli's Armed Groups Capture the Libyan State, by Wolfram Lacher and Alaa al-Idrissi. SANA Briefing Paper, June 2018 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (5.99 MB)
  • Monitoring Illicit Arms Flows: The Role of UN Peacekeeping Operations, by Holger Anders. SANA Briefing Paper, June 2018 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (1.8 MB)
  • Women in State Security Provision in Nepal: Meaningful Participation?, by Mihaela Racovita. Briefing Paper, March 2018.

    Download (2.25 MB)
  • At the Crossroads of Sahelian Conflicts: Insecurity, Terrorism, and Arms Trafficking in Niger, by Savannah de Tessières. Small Arms Survey SANA Report, January 2018 (also available in French). 

    Download (4.06 MB)
  • A Challenging State: Emerging Armed Groups in Egypt, by Mokhtar Awad. SANA Briefing Paper, July 2017 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (2.68 MB)
  • Syria's Armed Opposition: A Spotlight on the 'Moderates', by Saskia Baas, January 2016. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 5. (also available in Arabic)

    Download (1.66 MB)
  • A Fractious Rebellion: Inside the SPLM-IO, by John Young, September 2015. Working Paper No. 39 (also available in Arabic)

  • Diversion of Arms and Ammunition in Peace Operations: Observations based on Missions in Sudan and South Sudan, September 2015. Research Note No. 54, Armed Actors (also available in French and Spanish).

    Download (527.22 KB)
  • There and Back: Trajectories of North African Foreign Fighters in Syria, July 2015. Security Assessment in North Africa Issue Brief No. 3 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (1.22 MB)
  • Small Arms Survey 2014: Women and Guns, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

    More information
  • Small Arms Survey 2013: Everyday Dangers, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

    More information
  • Armed Groups and Guided Light Weapons: 2014 Update with MENA Focus, December 2014. Research Note No. 47, Armed Actors. (also available in Arabic)

    Download (300.07 KB)
  • Politics by Other Means: Conflicting Interests in Libya's Security Sector, by Wolfram Lacher and Peter Cole, October 2014. Working Paper No. 20 (also available in Turkish, Arabic)

    Download (1.63 MB)
  • Women and Gun Ownership, September 2014. Research Note No. 45, Armed Actors.

    Download (1.58 MB)
  • Security and Justice in Post-Revolution Libya: Where to Turn? by Fiona Mangan and Christina Murtaugh with Ferdaouis Bagga, co-published with the United States Institute of Peace. September 2014.

    More information
  • Rogue Rocketeers: Artillery Rockets and Armed Groups, by Matt Schroeder, July 2014. Working Paper No. 19

    Download (1.13 MB)
  • Evolving Traditional Practices: Managing Small Arms in the Horn of Africa and Karamoja Cluster, June 2014. Armed Actors Issue Brief No. 3 (see also Annexe).

    Download (510.54 KB)
  • Foreign Jihadism in Syria: The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, by Laurent Vinatier, April 2014. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 4 (also available in Arabic).

    Download (679.08 KB)
  • Libya’s Fractious South and Regional Instability, by Wolfram Lacher, February 2014. Security Assessment in North Africa Dispatch No. 3 (also available in Arabic and Turkish).

    Download (821.52 KB)
  • Data Sources and the Estimation of Military-owned Small Arms, September 2013. Research Note No. 34, Armed Actors (see Annexe).

    Download (560.21 KB)
  • Ad Hoc Arsenals: PSSM Practices of Selected Non-state Actors, May 2013. Armed Actors Issue Brief No. 2.

    Download (804.19 KB)
  • The Missing Middle: Examining the Armed Group Phenomenon in Nepal, May 2013. Nepal Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief No. 1 (also available in Nepali).

    Download (1.02 MB)
  • Rebel Forces in Northern Mali: Documented Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materiel. Co-published with Conflict Armament Research, April 2013.

    Download (1009.91 KB)
  • Demobilization in the DRC: Armed Groups and the Role of Organizational Control, April 2013. Armed Actors Issue Brief No. 1.

    Download (822.83 KB)
  • Policing the Periphery: Opportunities and Challenges for Kenya Police Reserves, by Kennedy Mkutu and Gerald Wandera. March 2013. Working Paper No. 15

    Download (1.38 MB)
  • Estimating Law Enforcement Firearms, December 2012. Research Note No. 24, Armed Actors (see Annexe)

    Download (139.48 KB)
  • Internal Control: Codes of Conducts within Insurgent Armed Groups, by Olivier Bangerter, November 2012. Occasional Paper No. 31 (see also Executive Summary)

    Download (646.32 KB)
  • Small Arms Survey 2012: Moving Targets, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

    More information
  • Armed Groups in Libya: Typology and Roles, June 2012. Research Note No. 18, Armed Actors (also available in Arabic).

    Download (802.08 KB)
  • In Transit: Gangs and Criminal Networks in Guyana, by Taylor Owen and Alexandre Grigsby, February 2012. Working Paper No. 11

    Download (1.19 MB)
  • Regulating Armed Groups from Within: A Typology, January 2012. Research Note No. 13, Armed Actors.

    Download (185.72 KB)
  • Estimating Civilian Owned Firearms, September 2011. Research Note No. 9, Armed Actors (also available in Catalan and Spanish).

    Download (415.3 KB)
  • Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security, Cambridge University Press, 2011.

    More information
  • Private Security Companies’ Firearms Stockpiles, March 2011. Research Note No. 4, Armed Actors.

    Download (232.08 KB)
  • Confronting the Don: The Political Economy of Gang Violence in Jamaica, by Glaister Leslie, November 2010. Occasional Paper No. 26

    Download (1.19 MB)
  • Small Arms Survey 2010: Gangs, Groups, and Guns, Cambridge University Press, 2010.

    More information
  • Primed and Purposeful: Armed Groups and Human Security Efforts in the Philippines, by Soliman M. Santos, Jr. and Paz Verdades M. Santos with Octavio A. Dinampo, Herman Joseph S. Kraft, Artha Kira R. Paredes, and Raymund Jose G. Quilop, edited by Diana Rodriguez,  published by the South-South Network for Non-State Armed Group Engagement and the Small Arms Survey, April 2010. 

    Download (12.75 MB)
  • No Other Life: Gangs, Guns, and Governance in Trinidad and Tobago, by Dorn Townsend, December 2009. Working Paper No. 8

    Download (902.37 KB)
  • Trading Life, Trading Death: The Flow of Small Arms from Mozambique to Malawi, by Gregory Mthembu-Salter, January 2009. Working Paper No. 6

    Download (396.63 KB)
  • The Central African Republic and Small Arms: A Regional Tinderbox, by Eric G. Berman with Louisa N. Lombard, December 2008 (also available in French).

    More information
  • Small Arms Survey 2007: Guns and the City, Cambridge University Press, 2007.

    More information
  • No Refuge: The Crisis of Refugee Militarization in Africa, edited by Robert Muggah, co-published with BICC, published by Zed Books, July 2006.

    More information
  • Small Arms Survey 2006: Unfinished Business, Oxford University Press, 2006.

    More information
  • Demanding Attention: Addressing the Dynamics of Small Arms Demand, by David Atwood, Anne-Kathrin Glatz, and Robert Muggah, January 2006. Occasional Paper No. 18 (also available in French and Spanish)

    Download (1.8 MB)
  • Armed and Aimless: Armed Groups, Guns, and Human Security in the ECOWAS Region, edited by Nicolas Florquin and Eric G. Berman, May 2005 (also available in French).

    More information
  • Diagnosing Demand: Assessing the Motivations and Means for Firearms Acquisition in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, by Robert Muggah, Discussion Paper 2004/7, Australian National University, 2004.

    Download (362.01 KB)
  • Demand, Stockpiles, and Social Controls: Small Arms in Yemen, by Derek B. Miller, May 2003. Occasional Paper No. 9 (also available in Arabic)

    Download (441.32 KB)
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