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Recent Publications

  • Fire and Forget: The Proliferation of Man-portable Air Defence Systems in Syria, August 2014. Issue Brief No. 9.

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  • Producers of Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Their Ammunition, July 2014. Research Note No. 43, Weapons and Markets.

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  • Protective Measures: Local Security Arrangements in Greater Upper Nile, July 2014. HSBA Issue Brief Number 23

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Small Arms Survey Yearbooks

Our flagship publication is an annual review of global small arms issues and themes. The Small Arms Survey is recognized as the principal international source of impartial and reliable information on all aspects of small arms. Its blend of information and analysis makes it an indispensable resource for policy-makers, government officials, and non-governmental organizations.

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Small Arms Survey 2013:
Everyday Dangers

Small Arms Survey 2011:
States of Security

Small Arms Survey 2010:
Gangs, Groups, and Guns

Small Arms Survey 2008:
Risk and Resilience

Small Arms Survey 2007:
Guns and the City

Small Arms Survey 2006:
Unfinished Business

Small Arms Survey 2003:
Development Denied

Small Arms Survey 2002:
Counting the Human Cost

Small Arms Survey 2001:
Profiling the Problem