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Gender-responsive Small Arms Control: A Practical Guide

Edited by Emile LeBrun, October 2019

Armed violence is a gendered phenomenon, and addressing it effectively requires programming that is gender responsive. The Small Arms Survey’s Handbook Gender-responsive Small Arms Control: A Practical Guide offers readers concrete suggestions for how to develop and support such programming.

The Handbook outlines gender-related terminology and concepts; describes key global policy instruments and their increasing convergence around gender; highlights the gendered impacts of small arms; applies a gender analysis to the small arms life cycle; and provides a roadmap for mainstreaming gender into the small arms project cycle.

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Download the Handbook:

  • Gender-responsive Small Arms Programming: A Practical Guide
    Download (908.99 KB)
  • Genrer le contrôle des armes légères: Guide pratique
    Download (1.03 MB)
  • La perspectiva de género en el control de las armas pequeñas: Guía práctica. Extracto del manual: Capítulos 1 y 3. 
    Download (597.52 KB)
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