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Relevant Resources

  • A New Development Agenda: Bridging the Development–Security Divide, June 2016. Research Note No. 58.

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  • Measuring Illicit Arms Flows: SDG Target 16.4, May 2016. Research Note No. 57.

    Download (402.44 KB)
  • Reducing Illicit Arms Flows and the New Development Agenda, March 2015. Research Note No. 50, Armed Violence.

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One of the key challenges in implementing Target 16.4 of the UN’s 2030 Development Agenda is ‘measurability’—how do you measure if illicit arms flows are being reduced? More broadly, how do you know if the steps taken to reduce illicit arms flows are contributing to inclusive societies, increasing access to justice, or helping to build accountable institutions?

The Global Partnership is actively engaged in meeting this challenge. The initiative will provide a critical discussion on a range of indicators in view to to identify means by which states—independently or collectively—can monitor their progress in achieving Target 16.4.