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Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation (CU)


Moscow, Russian Federation

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Short description

The CU is a free-trade alliance among three former Soviet republics to harmonize customs rules, establish common external tariffs, and create a common economic space.


CU member states provide annual funding to pay for the salaries and expenses of the CU Commission, the organization’s regulatory body (expected to be replaced by the Eurasian Economic Commission in the second half of 2012). In 2011 the commission’s budget was about USD 14.8 million, with the Russian Federation contributing 57 per cent and the other two countries paying 21.5 per cent each. No funds are allocated for specific PoA-related activities.

Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Ruessian Federation established the CU in October 2007. They envisage it as an initial step towards creating an EU-type Eurasian union. Kyrgyzstan applied for membership in April 2011 and is expected to join in 2013.


3 members (all UN member states)

  • Current members*: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation (Bold: founding member, Grey: suspended member)
  • Former members: None
  • Membership pending: None

Overlapping memberships with other ROs

CU members represent:

  • 3 of 9 CIS members
  • 3 of 7 CSTO members
  • 3 of 6 EurAsEC members
  • 2 of 6 SCO members (Belarus is not a SCO member)

* Information accurate as of 24 May 2012

PoA Point of Contact

  • Galina Martinkevich
  • Director, Department for Customs Tariff and Non-tariff Regulation

+7-495-604-4038 (ext. 1240)


PoA-related activities

In November 2009 the CU adopted a common list of small arms, their parts, and ammunition whose export, import, or transit are banned or restricted in the CU’s territory. The ‘ban’ list includes civilian firearms designed for automatic fire and firearms disguised as other objects, among other items. The ‘restriction’ list includes service and civilian firearms, which require export/import licences or transit permits from the relevant national authorities of CU member states. The CU entered into force on 1 January 2010 and in September 2010 heads of law enforcement units of member states’ customs services held a working meeting in Moscow as part of their efforts to intensify inter-agency cooperation in the fight against violations of the customs regulations. During the meeting the participants approved the Action Plan for 2010–11, which included specific activities at the CU’s borders to prevent, detect, and intercept smuggling channels, and laid down the coordination procedures among their units. Currently, in an effort to harmonize their export control rules and procedures, and effectively control transfers of goods and technologies subject to export controls, including weapons and military equipment, the CU member states are discussing the draft of an agreement on the common order of export control.

PoA-related programmes and initiatives

PoA-relevant cooperation with other ROs

As an entity, the CU is not involved in PoA-relevant cooperation with other organizations.

Legally binding regional instruments

  • Treaty on Establishing a Common Customs Territory and Forming a Customs Union (2007)
  • Common List of Goods, Exports or Imports Which Are Banned or Restricted by the CU Member States When Trading with Third Countries (2009)

Other official documents of interest

  • Agreement on the Common Order of Export Control by the CU Member States (to be signed)


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