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Road to RevCon4: Privately made small arms and other non-industrial weapons

In recent years, the Small Arms Survey conducted several regional studies highlighting the challenges posed by a variety of privately made and craft small arms that are produced outside of authorised factories. These weapons include artisanal firearms, converted and 3D printed weapons, 'ghost guns' and other privately-made small arms. Regarding light weapons, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have become common weapons in ongoing conflicts fought across the world.
Evidence suggests that these types of weapons represent an increasing proportion of illicit weapons. This raises questions as to whether existing international instruments, including the UN PoA and ITI, provide sufficient guidance to states on how to ensure that these non-industrial weapons are not subject to misuse and diversion.

Director Mark Downes sits down with Small Arms Survey colleagues Nicolas Florquin, Head of Data and Analytics, and researchers Aline Shaban and Yulia Yarina, to discuss issues related to privately made small arms and other non-industrial weapons, and how this all ties into PoA discussions on craft weapons and new technological developments.

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