Supporting Ukraine in addressing the risks of small arms and light weapons proliferation from the Russian war of aggression

The project aims to generate timely and empirical research to support Ukraine in anticipating and addressing the risks of proliferation of small arms and light weapons resulting from the Russian war of aggression, as well as those that will emerge in a possible post-conflict scenario.

Funders: Germany

The Small Arms Survey will undertake this project together with the Center for Security Studies (CENSS) and in close cooperation with other researchers and practitioners working on arms monitoring and control in Ukraine. The project seeks to ensure that relevant Ukrainian and international policymakers, practitioners, and the public benefit from timely, relevant, and high-quality research on illicit small arms and light weapons. To achieve this goal, the project will maintain a baseline dataset and produce regular unpublished reports on illicit arms, monitor public perceptions of arms proliferation and security, and prepare a consolidated public report on weapons proliferation and control efforts in Ukraine. In parallel, it will promote information exchange and learning on small arms proliferation matters among CENSS and a growing and inclusive network of Ukrainian practitioners, academics, and NGOs working on security issues.

Implementation period: June 2023–December 2025

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sas logoAline Shaban
Associate Researcher