Women’s Meaningful Participation in Ammunition Management: insights from women ammunition management experts


This event, recorded on 14 February 2023, took place as the Open-ended Working Group on Conventional Ammunition met for its third substantive session to discuss a new Global Framework for Through-life Conventional Ammunition Management.

In 2022, under the UN SaferGuard programme, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs initiated a network of women ammunition management experts to promote more diversity in this field and to make women more visible in technical ammunition management roles at the international level.

This event provided an opportunity to hear members of the network discuss:

  • what kinds of barriers to meaningful participation women in ammunition management face;
  • how these can be overcome in practice;
  • what more can be done to promote women's meaningful participation in ammunition management, including through international cooperation and assistance within the scope of a future Global Framework for Through-life Conventional Ammunition Management.

More info on the event here.

Keywords: Gender-responsive small arms control