Small Arms Survey Podcast #52: Private Security Companies and Weapons & Ammunition Management

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 7 February, 2022

Weapons and ammunition management is a key consideration for any security provider handling arms. The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers lays out obligations for member and affiliate companies in terms of management of weapons, weapons training, and the management of material of war (articles 56 to 62).

Taking Stock of Action on the Illicit Small Arms Trade: National Action Plans as a Strategic Tool for Weapons and Ammunition Management/Small Arms Control

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 15 September, 2021

National Action Plans (NAPs) are critical for systematically and effectively implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating small arms control measures within states. NAPs clearly elaborate national priorities and facilitate coordination between national government agencies and key stakeholders, as well as with external partners and donors. The fifth panel of the Small Arms Survey 2020 online forum ‘Taking stock of action on the illicit small arms trade’ brought together actors from the national, regional, and international levels to share experiences from their work on NAPs.

Beyond Blue Helmets: Promoting Weapons and Ammunition Management in Non-UN Peace Operations

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 November, 2020

This report details efforts to improve weapons and ammunition management in non-United Nations (UN) peace operations in order to enhance force protection and mandate implementation.

More than 25 organizations apart from the UN have deployed more than 100 peace operations to date. These non-UN organizations face the same challenges as the UN in securing their contingent-owned equipment (COE) and the lethal materiel they recover. Non-UN peace operations may even be more vulnerable to these challenges than UN operations.

Third MPOME Regional Workshop Report: Making Peace Operations More Effective

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 November, 2020

This Report summarizes the formal contributions made by presenters at the third MPOME Regional Workshop and the discussions that ensued. The workshop was held at the National Peace Operations Training Center of Uruguay (ENOPU) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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