Changing Lakes State? Rin Tueny’s Inclusive Deterrence Approach in Practice

Submitted by Katie Lazaro on 6 November, 2023

Rin Tueny has achieved success in pacifying parts of Lakes state, including the Greater Rumbek area. His methods, however, have prioritised security and deterrence over human rights and legal norms. Consequently, there is little meaningful institutional oversight. While Lakes state may appear to be a ‘success’ story, a relapse into turmoil is possible.

An Iron Fist in Lakes State: Law, Order, and Volatility on the Margins

Submitted by Katie Lazaro on 18 July, 2023

Situation Update: Lakes state, South Sudan

Since his appointment as governor of Lakes state in June 2021, Rin Tueny Mabor has transformed the area from one of the most troubled in South Sudan to one of the most secure. His heavy-handed approach, however, has drawn controversy with allegations of human rights violations.

Violence and victimization in South Sudan: Lakes State in the post-CPA period (HSBA Working Paper 2)

Submitted by Lionel Kosirnik on 25 September, 2021

Two years have passed since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) ended the second North–South Sudanese civil war, yet no quantitative assessment of safety and security has been undertaken in South Sudan. Understanding of the role played by small arms and light weapons in insecurity is similarly limited. Measuring changes in the security of communities in South Sudan is essential to evaluating the impacts and consequences of the CPA. The Lakes State Homestead Survey on Safety and Security is the largest known household survey ever conducted in South Sudan.