Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) for Sudan and South Sudan

The Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) for Sudan and South Sudan aims to generate empirical research on evolving political and conflict-related developments in Sudan and South Sudan in order to inform policy and humanitarian responses to ongoing crises in these countries. HSBA also manages the Mapping Actors and Alliances Project in South Sudan (MAAPSS) project.

Funders: United States and Norway

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The HSBA project is a multi-year research project which started in 2006 and is administered by the Small Arms Survey. Through the active generation and dissemination of timely empirical research, the project supports violence reduction initiatives, including disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration programmes, security sector reform, and arms control interventions across Sudan and South Sudan. HSBA also offers policy-relevant guidance on redressing insecurity.

The project's goals are to:

  • investigate international, regional, and domestic transfers of arms;
  • assess domestic small arms stockpiles and inventories;
  • map and assess the origins, motivations, and distribution of armed groups;
  • provide current analysis on regional and local conflict and political dynamics; and
  • examine local security provision and civilian demand for weapons.

The HSBA project receives financial support from the US Department of State and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project has received support in the past from the Global Peace and Security Fund at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UK Government's Global Conflict Prevention Pool, as well as the Danish Demining Group, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the United States Institute of Peace. The Small Arms Survey Survey receives additional support from Switzerland.

In 2020, the HSBA project began the Mapping Actors and Alliances Project in South Sudan (MAAPSS). Find more about that here.

For further information on the HSBA project, please contact:


HSBA logoKhristopher Carlson
Senior Researcher and Project Coordinator