Reading between the Lines: Crime and Victimization in Liberia (LAVA Issue Brief 2)

Elisabeth Gilgen and Ryan Murray
Issue Brief

Together with local partners, the Small Arms Survey conducted a nationwide household survey in 2010 to fill some of the data gaps and to generate an evidence-based understanding of violence in post-war Liberia. This second Issue Brief of five relies on the survey findings, key informant interviews with local representatives—including city mayors, police officers, religious leaders, students, elders, and heads of grassroots organizations— and background papers produced by researchers in Liberia (Shilue, 2010; Blair, 2011; Dziewanski, 2011a). It considers information on the types of violence reported, how violence is perpetrated, where it takes place, when it occurs, and who represent the main perpetrators and victims. Reading between the Lines: Crime and Victimization in Liberia also presents examples of programming efforts prevent and reduce crime and violence.

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Keywords: LAVA Armed violence